About Us

Meet Max, the man behind LumenEarz.

John Maxwell Dennis (Max) created LumenEarz out of a desire to help people protect themselves against the irreversible effects of hearing loss in an exciting, new way. As an EDM enthusiast Max noticed that many show and festival goers did not wear hearing protection, therefore he set out to make earplugs that people would want to wear.

Max has worked in hearing healthcare for over a decade, helping thousands of patients improve their hearing with the use of hearing aids.

Unfortunately, once your hearing is impaired, there is no way to cure or reverse that hearing loss, making it all the more imperative that we protect it.

After dedicating over two years to developing the technology and working with some of the best minds in the industry, Max is proud to present LumenEarz. LumenEarz aims to shatter the stigma around protecting your hearing by providing concert and music festival attendees with attractive earplugs. Not only are they visually pleasing by lighting up, but they are comfortable to wear and while still maintaining the clarity of the music being listened to.

LumenEarz are the earplugs people will want to use. Though Max will start by helping concertgoers, he has plans to explore the many other paths he can take this game-changing, patented technology. With LumenEarz, we can simultaneously protect our hearing, look good, and enjoy our music safely for many years to come.

Image of John Maxwell Dennis (Max), the founder of LumenEarz.

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LED Earplugs with blue light on.